Timber Frame Homes

13There is a distinctive style to timber framing, in which heavy timbers frame your home instead of more slender dimensional lumber. 

One of the most defining elements of a timber frame is its unique joinery. Heavy timber is joined together via mortises and tenons, then secured with wooden pegs.

Our timber frames can be a part of or all of the entire structure of your home. Each timber structure can be designed and drawn to your specifications and unique style. 

Whether you are considering a timber frame home or have your conceptual drawings completed, we can answer your questions, make recommendations, or simply get the job done.


Eagle Panel Systems

We use Eagle Panel Systems Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in all of our timber frame homes. They are far superior in strength, energy efficiency, and lasting quality, compared to traditional framing and insulating methods. The panels create a permanent energy envelope and a more comfortable living space. Eagle Panel SIPs dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bill and insure continuous savings throughout the life of your timber home. 

The energy envelope created by Eagle Panel Systems SIPs eliminates hot and cold spots caused by air leaks. Unaffected by air infiltration and other variables, the R-Value of Eagle Panel Systems SIPs increases in viability. The ability to eliminate air infiltration provides the difference in energy consumption and energy savings.